This pandemic changes the complete education ecosystem. Everything is online and going out needs much security and assurance. Parenting comes with a wide range of challenges—but perhaps the toughest one of all is ensuring your kids are safe even when they’re out of sight. Fortunately, with the MyOohr app, the challenge of parenthood just got a little easier. No parent wants to have their children waiting at the bus stop any longer than they need to. You don’t want them standing by the side of the road in the cold or rain or exposed to risks on days when driving conditions are less than favorable. You also don’t want them missing the school vehicle. With the MyOohr you and your children will now know when your bus has entered your zone.

Live school transportation tracking

Know exactly when your children arrive at school, or at home.

Calendar pic and drop

Parents can choose the dates not to pick up if their kids are not traveling on any day.

Online homework

It offers an easy platform for online homework. Schools can submit and parents can receive their kid's homework online.

Live video sessions

It offers an online video classroom so that students can receive the lecture at home and the school can connect to the student.

Online payment

This platform provide online payment medium for parents to pay school fee and transport fee online.

Online photo and video sharing medium with school

It offers a platform to receive images and videos broadcasted from school management. That makes a helpful communication medium for school and parents.

Online education

A hassle-free application that can use for any school or education institution.

Detail History

Parents can get a detail travel history with the travel route after the kid's daily journey.

Ride request

The parent can choose the driver and send a request for their kids' daily ride.

Easy to track your child travel history

It is a user friendly application for parents by whom they could track their child’s school route and timings. It is simple app based system which connect parents app with the driver’s app directly. We provide a simple method by which student’s daily school travel become stress free. App connects school, transport and parents with each other to ensure security of each child